Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Future

So I am indeed a college graduate, although I may not look it above. I graduated from the University of Vermont with a BA in Secondary Education & English and I minored in Special Education. I'm currently trying to get everything settled for this Spring to attend a year long certificate program at a local community college for Graphic Design as well as a graduate program for Speech Pathology at a local University for fall 2012. I am also studying for an exam in November for teacher certification.

I know that I no longer want to be an English teacher. I mean if a job came up I wouldn't refuse it. But it isn't the ideal job for me anymore. I so badly want to pursue a career as a Speech Pathologist because I've always been drawn to helping the students that need the most help. I couldn't imagine a classroom of 30 in which I wouldn't truly be able to spend a lot of one-on-one time with. I've realized that I would love to work one-on-one or in small groups with students. I also am incredibly fascinated with speech and the science and process behind it. (I've taken some prerequisites, that I've loved). I really wish that I had gone into Speech before but hopefully my background in Education will give me a "leg up" on the rest of my competition. It is a really tough program to get into, only 40 of 200 applicants are accepted. Yikes. So I've been trying to read as much as possible. As well as continue to think about my graduate essay and get everything ready for my application. I'm already nervous and it isn't due until February (I'm actually making sure everything is in by January...what a good nerd I am). 

Anywho does anyone have any words of wisdom? I could sure use some in calming my nerves about this whole business. 

Thanks so much for stopping in and seeing what I've been up to lately!
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  1. oh i needed someone like you when i was little. i had a really hard time pronouncing things and i still do today. the worlds, letters and syllables get all jumbled in my head when i want to say a word. sometimes i think i have a mild case of dyslexia. your future sounds so amazing and i will be here for you to root you on!

  2. Yay! Go for your dream! You sound like you really care and are working really hard. It's good to start on that essay as early as possible. I'm not applying to grad school, but my friends who did/are in grad school had their essays read by a lot of people before turning it in. Also, a lot of them didn't get in on the first try (there are not a lot of jobs, so more people than usual are applying to grad school to avoid unemployment), but they didn't give up and got in on their second try (to better schools and programs the they originally went for). Godspeed and good luck!

  3. Le sigh! I wrote a very insightful comment and then closed the tab without posting it...

    I will never be able to recreate the insightfulness so instead:

    CONGRATULATIONS and it sounds like you are doing all you can do to prepare yourself for your speech therapy course - which really is all you can do in order to be the best candidate, right?

  4. My sister went into speech pathology (except for heart attack victims) and she LOVES it. She loves being able to help people regain their confidence and speech capabilities.


  5. I think you would be an excellent speech pathologist! It seems like the type of job where the best people would be super passionate about what they do, which you are! Good luck with it all!


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