Monday, September 19, 2011

His & Hers Camera: Weekend Photos



This weekend we went for a hike with our little May-z lets just say she didn't make it all the way and we stopped many times. She has such itty bitty little legs. Aww. I wanted to start a new feature in which I showcase photos from my sweet boy and I. Sometimes we use different cameras and the different angles are really interesting and cool. In this one above we both took it with our iphones. 

..May-z relaxing : His..
..Run by the beach : Hers..

..Climbing a tree : His..

..I am clumsy so I was scared : His..

 ..Canopy : Hers..

..We kind of celebrated our 2 year 1st kiss anniversary. Mushy. Mushy. : Hers..

..I have some awfully cute friends : Hers..

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  1. i like this idea, so cute! hope it is a regular!

  2. Such cute photos! Love the his and hers!

  3. Aw - this is a really sweet idea! Love it.

  4. I love your guy's shirt. haha ;)
    Really like this feature. Do it again!!


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