Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Going Green

                                    G. O . I . N . G.    G. R. E. E. N.   

After reading this article from the Etsy blog I began to see "green" in a whole new way. I decided that my blog should not only be a place where I talk about crafting and creating but to put a purpose to those hobbies. I have been lucky enough to work with some fantastic ladies. We all have different and varying views on being green as well as in our general approach to blogging. These ladies include: CB of City Bird's Nest, Sarah of A Lost Feather and Shannon of Shannon Bear. We have been talking for a long while about this project and we hope that you will want to become a little more green along the way. 

I am really excited about this project because as many of you know I have moved from Vermont. The landscape really propels me to be more green. I am sure that there are many of you who have special places and landscapes that would make you want to be more "green". I've been so excited to share this project with all you lovely readers. We will be coming up with super fun and amazing DIY's as well as finding new purposes for old items and clothing. Here is a sneak peek of a dress I made, can't wait to share it with you! I cannot wait to see what my lovely friends are making up for you too. They are so talented and have great ideas so you should be oh so excited! 

We all wanted to share with you what we thought green meant and what we are looking forward to with this project. Here are what these ladies had to say:

Hello! I'm Sarah and I blog about art, travel and adventures over at A Lost Feather. I spend as much time as possible outside hiking, bike riding and walking my little fluffball, Boo Radley. Among my favorite places to explore are the Hudson River Valley, near my home in New York, and Yosemite National Park. The great outdoors has given me so much happiness and I think it's time to return the favor. I hope that by participating in this awesome project I'll learn a lot more about different ways to be green. I'm also super excited to share fun and pretty green-friendly diys.. I hope you'll stay tuned and get ready to be more green! 
Hi, I'm CB from citybirds nest, a place where I share my bike riding adventures, outfits and my crafty treasures. As an everyday bike rider I am already on the right path but I know there are other ways that I can help by making better decisions. It is all about the little things we do each day that can help improve the way we live and help the planet that we love oh so much. What if we broke down that idea to something much smaller or tangible, like say the redwoods or my front yard? What can I do to help preserve them and keep them here for generations to enjoy? Several ladies are participating in this new little venture and you can to! From fashion diy's & helpful green tips, we are here to make it fun and hopefully make a habit of making greener choices for everyday living. hope you can come and play!
Hiya! I’m Shannon and I run the little blog shannon*bear. It’s all about my life, adventures, handmade lovelies and photography. Most of my adventures are in the woods. I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains where things move slowly and the trees talk. My very first memories are rich with the forests of my area, of my woods. I've always loved nature; it lends me the inspiration I need to create pretty things! My Mr. & I are always looking for ways to go green so we can add to the growing movement to preserve Mother Earth - and even closer to home, our mountains. I’m really excited to share with you a few of the ways that we put our green foot forward! So come on over, check things out, and leave inspired!
Thanks so much for stopping in! I hope that you visit each lady because we have all posted about "going green". Also each of these blogs is just a darn right good read. I hope that you will be excited to learn more and see some great DIY's. I know I am really excited to start and I hope you are too! 

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  1. aw so excited for you and cant wait to follow on the journey!

    <3 steffy
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  2. Can't wait for this awesome project!!

  3. That's so awesome! Everyone should go green :) Our earth rocks!

  4. Yay for going green! It's so so important. Can't wait to see your DIYs.

  5. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Great to hear from you! Keep reading,


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