Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Bokeh...Better than Me

Hi all! I know that many of you are huge into your photography and I wanted to share with you the Bokeh effect that you can produce rather easily or you can buy a kit for it here but it is so much fun to do it yourself. So for those of you that do not know, Bokeh which is an adapted Japanese word is used in photography to describe those areas in the photograph that are not in focus. You can create images in which Bokeh is in the background creating a nicely blurred backdrop to your in-focus object like:
or the Bokeh can be the center of your photo like:
Here is a video that shows the Bokeh effect:

Here is an easy tutorial on how to make your own Bokeh effect:
I really wanted to try Bokeh out for myself almost a year ago and luckily a friend was pretty much a pro. The heart photo above is mine and I had luck with a few other shapes too:
So after that success and recently seeing the video above I thought that I could give it another go but I wasn't using my sweet boy's 50mm Canon lens, I didn't cut the Bokeh object small enough, and I don't believe my aperture was at its lowest. Oops. So instead of little heart lights I mostly just shot through the cut out and just fooled around with my camera in general. I was on Church Street in Burlington Vermont.  They came out funny but I don't mind it, here they are:
Now you all know how to Bokeh better than me! Thanks for stopping in and share photos with me if you use the Bokeh effect!


  1. so neat!! i've been wanting to try this for a while. i'll have to give it a go sometime. and that video is so cool!


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