Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Take On the Swellmayde Envelope Clutch

So if you know me well enough, you know that I am always crafting and creating. I often tend to make things my own way as well. I may follow certain rules but add or change things. I do this in cooking, in crafting and I believe in life too! Anyway, I was so incredibly lucky to have found the blog Swellmayde! If you haven't seen Swellmayde yet I suggest you check them out. They have the greatest DIY's! The mission for Swellmayde is as follows:
Aimee is so talented and totally right! I think she would love the liberty I have taken with this project since Swellmayde is all about creativity and inspiration. So please do check out the Envelope Clutch DIY over at Swellmayde and then check out what I did differently here (lining and using flimsier fabric).
-poster board at the local Walgreens for $2.00 (5 sheets..I used 4 to make up the template to the appropriate measurements of the Swellmayde clutch)
-1 yard of pink-ish leather for $6.00 (I found it in the clearance fabrics because most of the vinyl and faux leather 1. was too expensive 2. not thick enough so I just went with this leather, which is a beautiful color even if it is kind of flimsy)
-2 fabric quarters for lining for $2.00/ea (I thought this floral fabric went nicely with the color of the leather and the gold button I planned to use.)
-2 gold buttons from my momsy (step grandmother) I didn't know which one to choose but you will see soon! 
-exacto knife for $4.00 because strangely I didn't even have one!
total: $16.00

I've been using this clutch every day. You can wear it with a cute tank, jean shorts and flip flops or with a dress for a more spiffed up look. I decided to make it a couple nights ago when I was really tired and it was really hot. It took me 3 hours but I'm really glad I took the time to do it well and think it out completely. I hope you like my take on the Swellmayde Envelope clutch and that you make one too and share it with me! Here are my latest DIY's if you missed them- friendship bracelet & chevron tote

PS: I will be starting new features, which I hope to dedicate an entire post to soon. This DIY will either make it in the "A Toast Tuesday" (where I make tributes to blogs, etsy shops, etc. I've recently found) or the "Crafts for a Rainy Day" feature. Tough when it coincides with both! 

Thanks to Aimee of Swellmayde for such a great DIY and thanks readers for stopping in! 


  1. Thanks for the intro to Swellmayde! I just looked around for about 2 minutes, and I'm already obsessed :)

  2. you find such great diys! i haave to check out this blog.. looks fun :) 2 nights ago i made the little chevron tote you mentioned a bit ago.. finally something to do with the bazillion blank canvas tote bags i bought hehe

  3. aw it came out so great!! i love swellymade too!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. That looks so good! The pink leather is adorable- you did such a good job! I'm totally going to check out their website for crafty things to try this weekend :)

  5. I love the way it turned out! What a perfect little clutch for summer (or anytime of year for that matter:) I definitely want to try it!

  6. i think we are a lot alike! i love doing things my way or changing things so that the are more "me". i love your take on the clutch, so cute! the colors are great and i love the fabric liner too!



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