Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Progress in a Polka Dot Heat Wave

Today was an extremely hot day. Thank goodness for my Maggie's Farm Vintage polka dot dress! 
So today I worked on packaging for my shop. I recently showed all you lovely bloggers my packaging and got such great feedback! Thanks so much! So today I kind of assembly-lined my little bags and got done some of the more tedious sewing. Here are some pictures:
I have so many wonderful items that have been hand-me downs: My ever trusty iron (from a lovely co-worker), and my ever sturdy sewing machine (my great grandmother's).

 I guess May-z thought she was helping, I won't tell her any differently. 

This is what they call...PROGRESS! (I hear that in Oprah's voice for some reason, haha)
 If you would like to see more sneak peeks of my shop...check them out here - 1. 2. 3. 4.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing such a happy day for me! 101 posts! I'm excited for a 100 more and for meeting so many more wonderful bloggers and developing the friendships I'm already beginning to make with some lovelies! - Lo

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