Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Little Outfit

I am wearing a yellow dress from American Apparel, necklace from Noble Town Vintage, T-shirt from Casualty, headband is a belt from a current vintage dress I'm re-working, and dark gray leggings from aerie.
I have a confession- it feels super strange to post outfit pictures! I am definitely out of my comfort zone. The blogs that I love have tons of outfit posts and they inspire me, but for some reason when I see myself posting my own outfit pictures it feels egotistical. Either way, I was pretty happy about my funky little outfit and thought I'd share. Thank you for stopping by! I have so much more I want to post before the weekend like sketches for clothes I can't wait to make, my re-worked Jess James Jake etsy dress, things I can't wait to buy when I go on my thrifting mini-trip, and simple somethings (my new feature) - Little Lo

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  1. Ohhh I know exactly what you mean! Until I started Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge, I didn't really do them on my blog.... and all of a sudden I was supposed to document my outfit every day?!? What?! Haha. But I got such nice comments (even from my mom) so now I do when I feel like I've got a somewhat cute outfit it's nice to look back and remember what you were wearing too. But I try not to overload my blog with them, I really hate scrolling through my pages and only seeing photos of myself!! I love your headband and every thing about your outfit colorful and fun! Keep posting outfit photos please, I want to see more! And yay for new features! :) :)


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