Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Interview Outfit

Yesterday I had an interview and wanted to share with you my outfit! Unfortunately it is still fairly chilly here, rainy yesterday. Today it is kind of a different story, I can walk outside with just a cardigan on! And the interview went well, I just get way too nervous! Then I treated myself to some Starbucks afterwards, since I've been nervous for probably weeks now!
This is the dress from my dirty birdies etsy purchase but I made the hem shorter and removed the long sleeves, see the before. I also wore a Noble Town Vintage necklace, thrifted belt, and leggings from aerie. I put my hair in a small beehive, which you can't really tell in these pictures. I also wore a blue cardigan, but wanted to show you my dress all revamped.
I recently made a new etsy purchase, which is such a cute dress, but I need to make the hem shorter! So pictures to come once that is done! Thanks for stopping in! - Little Lo

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