Tuesday, May 8, 2012

//Thank You//

As such wonderful readers I wanted to share with you a very simple thank you note that I created. I used a ribbon label that I downloaded free from Pugly Pixel here.  You can get a direct link to this card by clicking here

I took a screenshot for you above so it isn't quite as clear as the actual. I had to toy with the printing options as I'm not a pro at photoshop or special settings but it took me no time and then I put my card stock back in again to give myself two cards on an 8.5x11. Then what I did was punch a hole in the bottom of the card after I had folded it and tied a piece of string in a small bow (to close it). It ended up very sweet and simple. Remember, since I created this from tools from another source, use this for personal use only. I'm also very happy to be doing a giveaway over at The Lovely Hunter. Check it out if you'd like to win one of my necklaces. 

Thanks for saying hello!

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