Monday, April 23, 2012


On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went down by the beach in the middle of a huge rain storm. He brought his Canon 7d and our super fat lens toy cameras. I will need to show you the film once I'm done with the roll. It was really fun hanging out at the beach with no one else around just exploring. I found a butterfly tucked between two rocks trying to escape from the pounding rain, which flopped itself on its back seemingly to protect itself. A truly beautiful sunday.

Thanks for saying hello!

*These are the photos my boyfriend took and I edited slightly in photoshop*


  1. these are great pictures! i have never been to the beach while it was raining out and i am sure it is pretty awesome! love the picture of you <3

  2. The beach is so nice on a rainy day! I love all of these pictures, the one of you is so cute :)


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