Tuesday, March 20, 2012

//Printed Peaks Birthday Sale {44%OFF}//

Hi lovely people! Today is my birthday and I turn the big ole' 24 years today. As funny as it sounds it feels old to me. For the rest of this month I will be offering 44% off in my store, Printed Peaks. I added the date and my years of age if you were wondering about the funny number. Enter "SPRINGBIRTHDAY44" during check out and one of my pretties will be on its way to your front door. The first 3 purchases will get an extra gift as well.
..My supplies for wrapping up Printed Peak necklaces..
..Melissa had me as the featured artist yesterday! Thanks Melissa!..

 I treated myself to some starbucks and the Anthropologie sale section today. All in all the first day of spring is looking pretty wonderful! Hope yours is too!


  1. 44% off!?!? Lo you are teasing me!!! I want to buy another necklace so so so so so badly but I am so so so broke (thanks college!) Maybe.. I'll go count my quarters...haha

    Anyway, happy birthday!!! :D That is so super exciting. Treat yourself to more good things today!

    I'm going to announce your sale on the blog post as well!!

  2. glad you had a great day sweetie and how exciting for a sale!!

  3. Aw!! I wiiiiiiiiiiish I had mooooooooneeeeeeeeeey!!


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