Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY Photo Wall Art

Hi all! I wanted to share with you a project I've been working on. I love making my own art for my apartment and I'm sure that many of you love to as well. Here is a perfect solution to that pesky corner that needs a little pazazz. Here's what you will need: 1. disposable camera 2. inkodye, tangrams & brush 3. sunlight 4. a frame (mine is 9x12")
Step 1-Take photos with your disposable camera. I distorted my photos by scratching the lens, coloring it as well as the flash. It's totally up to you whether you want images to be clear or not. Have your photos developed Step 2- Pick ones that you particularly like the distortion on or if not distorted you just plain old like the photos (pick 4). 
Step 3- Coat your photos with inkodye (blue, red, orange or any mixture) and arrange tangrams in any shape that you wish (I chose a house).

Step 4- Leave your photo in the sun for around 10 minutes.
Step 5- Be sure to clean your photo off so there is no more dye left on the photo. I used a damp paper towel. Be careful with your photos at this stage they are very sensitive to scratches. 
Step 6- Arrange your photos on a piece of paper that fits all four pictures
Step 7- I added a banner which I used watercolors to make. I also used some favorite song lyrics that went nicely with my house image. 
Step 8- Add a frame and you are ready to hang. I just have no idea where I want to put mine yet..hmm.

I'd also like to thank the good people at Lumi for allowing me to try out their Inkodye. Such a great product especially for any crafter!

I hope you enjoyed this project, it was lots of fun and fairly inexpensive.
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  1. Beautiful. :) I wish I had more time to create like this.

  2. such a wonderful project! i love the outcome :)


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