Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY Jewelry Display

 Hi folks! Maybe you're like me and make jewelry for your shop and have no where to keep your pieces or maybe your jewelry is a tangled mess. Either way this quick, easy, and extremely cheap DIY will help you out of that bind. You can probably find mostly everything you need at your own home or at the local drugstore. Here's what you need: .shoe box top.watercolors.watercolor paper.scissors.hole punchers.tape.
I traced the size of the shoe box top, then began to use watercolors to make a pattern that I was satisfied with. After drying I cut out my backdrop and taped it to the inside of the shoe box top.
Depending on what kind of necklaces you have will depend on if you want to have your necklaces hang horizontally (like mine) or vertically (which would hold fewer necklaces). I only had the one box top and wanted to fit as many in as possible. So now that you know which way you want it punch your holes along the appropriate edge. It may be a bit tough but I did it and you should be able to do it too! 
After I punched my holes I put my necklaces through the holes and then gathered the chain in back and taped it so that the necklaces would stay somewhat suspended.
You can also see jewelry suspended on an orange canvas above the watercolored jewelry display, which I just taped up the extra chain on back so I could determine the heights I wanted of the necklaces on the front side.

Thanks so much for stopping in! 
:) Lo


  1. i love the display so much so very cute and functional.

  2. It's lovely, what a sweet idea. You're so creative! And your tutorials are always pretty :)

  3. Oh, I love this - and those necklaces are awesome! Did you make those?


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