Friday, December 23, 2011

Going Natural..

For a little while now I've been deciding to purchase more natural items in hopes that the benefits will be many. I mean think about all the things you cannot pronounce on the back of your face wash. It just started to bother me that all these chemicals are going into my body. I stumbled upon the shop, Rocky Top Soap Shop, right now they are on vacation due to the holiday but boy are their soaps fantastic. 
I'm currently using the rooibos tea shampoo and the cambrian blue soaps. They both have a lot of natural benefits and I actually really like how my hair has felt and somehow it stays cleaner so much longer. I also don't use conditioner but it comes out feeling really soft. I think my next purchase will be the activated charcoal bar because of the wonders I heard it can do for your skin. I would like to continue this into my makeups, face lotion, etc. do you have any suggestions? I am all ears!

Thanks for stopping in! AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Hope you get to spend some serious time with loved ones! 


  1. how awesome! thank you so much for sharing! i think my cousin would love this and i am very interested in the activated charcoal too!

  2. I've been wanting to go more natural for my products as well - maybe 2012 will be the year for me to do so. I'll have to check out their shop!

    Happy holidays!

  3. These look great! I can recommend Autumn Balm Botanicals (on Etsy) for lipbalm and salves.

    I don't know about makeup but would be very interested to hear if peeps have some good ideas...

  4. Oooh, I love natural things. Thanks for sharing!

  5. oh these look lovely! natural soaps are one of my favorite things.
    and to your comment on my blog,thank you! my sister actually knit my mittens for me:)


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