Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Toast Tuesday: Moorea Seal

I've always been so inspired by graphic designers and more recently jewelry designers. There is no surprise when I tell you that this next Toast Tuesday features someone who marvels in both realms. You certainly have heard of this noted blogger, jewelry designer, and member of the Freckled Nest design team: Moorea Seal. Moorea's beautiful shop incorporates a variety of accessories to adorn yourself with from golden headpieces to sparkling amethyst rings.  I am a huge fan of hers and absolutely love her new studded leather bracelets and want each and every one of them!

I was lucky enough to talk with Moorea about what inspired her to open an Etsy shop. Her story is very inspiring and I am sure that it will inspire many of you. I think it is oh so sweet of Moorea to answer some questions for my little blog. So, thank you Moorea! She's not only super successful but super sweet too! Here is what Moorea had to say,

"When I started my etsy shop, it was just sort of an experiment. I was an illustration major in college and opened the shop during my final year of university. I wanted to explore selling my illustrations online and a little of my new found love of jewelry making. The first pieces I made were pretty rough as I had only just started making jewelry and my vision for my illustration work wasn't very clear yet. But over time, I decided I wanted to turn my shop into just a jewelry shop focusing in a modern/bohemian/woodsy girl with a little edge sort of style. (I plan on opening a separate illustration shop soon!) I decided to turn my jewelry making hobby into a business while taking Indie Biz 2.0 which is an annual Indie Business course run by Leigh Ann of FreckledNest.com and Jill Munroe of LuneVintage.com. You can check out the course for Winter 2012 here "

I can't wait to see her illustration shop, she is such an amazing artist! I feel like I've gotten so many pointers and tips from these great Etsy shop/bloggers every Tuesday. I'm so grateful to have learned from such amazing people. I hope you all have been finding this as interesting and worthy as I have. I would absolutely love to take the Indie Business course at some point (have any of you readers taken it?) and to focus my jewelry vision as Moorea mentioned she did. 

Thank you all for stopping in and to Moorea for being a part of my Toast Tuesday!


  1. I totally want one of those bracelets!! I can't even begin to choose with one I'd pick!

    I love this toast tuesday idea.

    PS. just featured you in my latest post!!

  2. love the tuesday toast idea as well - and i am still in awe of all these creative people who have cute little etsy shops. so impressive


  3. Oh, yes! I checked out the online site, and you are right. I also adored the jewelry, especially the amethyst ring and the studded leather bracelets. I noticed that most startup businesses selling handcrafts put up Etsy shops.

    Staci Burruel

  4. love the amethyst rings :)
    I didn't take the indie business course but i've heard very good things about it. I'm sure it's worth the money if you're interested in getting the most out of your shop.

  5. I looove Moorea's stuff! It's the perfect mix of fancy/feminine and tough!


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