Sunday, November 20, 2011

Toast Tuesday: Fewer Few

In my travels through the Etsy world I've come across the most talented and remarkably unique individuals. This next Toast Tuesday is no exception. I am so incredibly inspired by this next lady's shop and hope to one day design and create my own textiles as she does. This weeks Toast Tuesday is recognizing Olivia Mew of Fewer Few shop.

I thought perhaps I was the only one obsessed with vintage scarves but at last someone who shares my passion. Olivia's shop is filled with the most beautifully decorated and colored scarves I've ever seen. She not only collects a large quantity of lovelies, but designs her very own. I have become so inspired by her and her shop. 

The most amazing sailor scarf in enchanting colors:

I recently bought this excited for this to be in my mailbox soon:

She also creates the most beautiful trapped illustration lockets like this one, which is definitely on my wish list:
And if you aren't yet convinced of this girl's gift she also dabbles in vintage and by dabbles I mean she has the most amazing taste for fashion, which is illustrated within the seams of her vintage Etsy shop, Young Captive. Olivia also happens to be just the sweetest gal too. So nice to meet successful, talented and also just down to earth kind people. I guess Etsy is just filled to the brim with the likes. 

Thanks so much for stopping by for another Toast Tuesday! And thanks to Olivia for being such a sweetheart and an inspiration! 

Find Olivia:


  1. The people on etsy blow my mind... so much talent! Thanks for sharing this shop, can't wait to check it out.

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  3. Yikes, I just stumbled across your blog and what a great post to start off with! All of your Etsy picks are delicious. Going to make yet another cup of tea and have a read through the rest of your delightful little space now xo

  4. LOVE the idea of toast tuesdays!!


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