Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thrift Guide

As of late I've been thinking a lot about thrifting and vintage. It may be an obsession, but I'm not confessing yet.

I've been thrifting for the better part of 8 years. By no means am I a thrift expert but I have learned a thing or two from buying some awkwardly shaped pieces or distracting patterns. Here are a few tips that I find extremely helpful in shopping in thrift stores:

1. Where an appropriate outfit: When I say appropriate I'm not referring to as if you were attending church. I just mean appropriate for the occasion. If you know you will be out all day you may want to think about comfort especially if you are reaching, bending, and sorting through items.
2. Don't buy based on price: I bought the above shorts for only $4. Sometimes price can persuade us into buying something we don't actually like or need. I love these high waisted red shorts and have nothing like them in my closet. Remember that you really need to love something even if it's only a few dollars. You may end up with a semi-decent closet instead of a closet filled with clothing you can't wait to put on and don't ever want to take off. 
3. Try it on: It may look cute on the rack as well as your size but you won't find out the truth until you actually try it on. If you know what your looking for, say dresses go prepared to try dresses on. Bring your favorite accessories in your bag, where them that day, or grab some accessories before heading to the fitting may need these items in order to decide if it's a "yes" or a "no". Belts are an easy way to see a puffy dress more beautifully cinched at the waist. The shape and pattern may also be not so flattering so keep that in mind as well. Keep in mind the color and patten against your skin tone. Does it wash you out? Or does it make you look even better than you thought you could? Also think about items you can wear it with that you already have. 
4. Stay on a budget: If your like me and you see lines of beautiful dresses and you suddenly go nuts throwing cash and credit cards in the air you need to give yourself a budget. This past weekend I decided I would take out $20 and spend that at the thrift store we were going to. I found a dress for $24 and happily most thrift/vintage places pay the tax on their end. So we scrounged the extra $4. Even if you are buying an armful of $5 finds it will add up and you may be surprised. Leave yourself a limit so you won't be disappointed if you can't afford something and so your wallet stays rather plump. 
5. Does it fit your home? When buying home decor items make sure that you are buying items that will fit into your home decor and will be easily interchangeable in many rooms or make sure it will fit into what you want your home to look like in the future. Don't buy it just because it's cute. This daisy jar with orange lid is utilized in the kitchen for sugars and in my room for ribbons and matches orange lamps throughout the house. You can find some super tips here that can be applied to shopping for vintage decor when decorating your home. 
6. Bring a friend: A friend, family member, or loved one can always be of some extra help. They can be your extra hands. They can be a second opinion. They can tell you if you are spending too much. They can also suggest what kind of tights you could wear with the dress your considering or where you could put the wall art in your house. 
7. Take pictures: For most this is the easiest tip and you may do it already. Taking pictures is a good way to send a friend a picture and get a second opinion. Or for you in case you do not buy all the items you want or if you were unsure of items. You can use the pictures as a reference especially for all those times you couldn't stop thinking about something you left behind. Most of the time these items are still there and if you decide by looking at your picture enough times that you want it then go for it. 

Here are some amazing tips that I have appreciated:

Thanks so much for stopping in for this little thrift guide I've put together. Be sure to check out the links I've listed because there are some great tips that you can add mine to (I tried not to duplicate any tips). Have any tips of your own? Please feel free to share!


  1. Just found your blog! I am lovin it! New follower! :)

  2. THANK YOU! I so need help in the thrifting department... :/

  3. My mom and I thrift a lot --she can spot silk and old cashmere at the bottom of a pile from across a room lol She says you can always find a use for cashmere =)

  4. Great tips, Lo! I think taking a friend and loads of photos are grand ideas!

    xo S

  5. love this guide! cute cute!

    <3 steffy

  6. I've been wanting to try my hand at thrifting. Thank you for the tips!!!

  7. i like the points of not buying things just because they are cheap, and will this fit in at home? they are both something i dont think about every time.(but should:)thanks for the list!

  8. These sre great tips and all really work!

  9. Great post! I also love to thrift, but for home decor rather than clothes. I haven't been thrifting as long as you but am equally obsessed :)

    Thanks also for visiting my blog - I'm glad you enjoyed the business card post :) I hope you'll keep checking back!



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