Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Happenings

I ended up working on this tote this weekend ad finishing it. Brownish/pink leather and yellow canvas.
Weekends are filled with all sorts of relaxing times with these two.

 I ended up getting a bit more craft inspired this weekend. I'll let you know later on.
 I'll have to share better photos of my came out pretty well and I'm happy with it.

 We went for a hike and I tried to climb up some pretty steep rocks but then I bailed because it was too high and if I fell it wouldn't have been pretty.
 My awesome hiking buddies!
We got the best bubble tea. Mmm. So good!

I hope everyone has a good and relaxing weekend! I just painted my nails and it will be bedtime soon for me! Thanks for stopping in!


  1. You are theeeee cutest. Adore. You. All. The. Time. Just so you know:)

  2. that tote is really cute! i love it! an really need to go hiking again!

  3. Looks like a great weekend. Can't wait to see that tote you made in more detail!

  4. Mmm bubble tea sounds delish right now.

  5. @Renee You are way too nice! I adore you so much too! :)

    @cb and April I will totally show more/better pictures of the tote! thanks!

    thanks for taking a moment ladies to visit! :) -Lo

  6. huzzah! what good times - i adore these types of photo re-caps and getting glimpses into your day to day life. the bag is awesome! ♥


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