Monday, July 18, 2011

What Inspires You?: Steffy's Pros and Cons

Hi all! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!! Since this week I am having some incredibly talented ladies guest post on my blog, I wanted to know what inspired them. I am so eager to introduce to you my first ever guest blogger! Give it up for the lovely Steffy of Steffy's Pros and soon as I stumbled upon her blog I knew I was in love not only with her style but her adorable vintage shop, Tea & Tulips! I cannot wait to purchase something from there once I have the money to do so! She is so so sweet for guest posting! Thanks Steffy!

Hello cuties, my name is Steffy and I run the blog Steffy's Pros and Cons and the online vintage shop Tea and Tulips. I am here today to share a bit about what inspires me! 
-What inspires you to blog?
i blog because i like to have my life recorded to look back upon, and also because i want to inspire people to take getting dressed a little bit less seriously! it should be fun!
-What inspires what items you choose for your shop?
i am really inspired firstly by other bloggers, but for the shop i mostly am inspired by certain color schemes pertaining to the season. right now it is summer so i have been selling lots of fun pastels/ brighter colors. my favorite season is the fall, coming up, and i plan to shift more toward earthy oranges and maroons. holidays and seasons are my number one inspirations!

-What inspires what you wear on a day to day basis? (maybe you're inspired by a specific era?)
on a day to day basis, i go by what mood i am in. i am always most drawn to 50's and 60's vintage, or even just anything... the music, the pictures, the household items. i LOVE the 60's, always have, always will. but when i am getting dressed in the morning i just wear what seems like it would feel comfortable and fit my mood!
-Do you gather inspiration from music, scenery, a specific place?...
yes, definitely. mostly music and the costumes in movies. 
-What inspired you to open a vintage shop?
my best friend sara mentioned that we should sell some of our vintage finds. i started to do it a little bit and realized i really loved it. i hope one day it will be my full time job and i can constantly be traveling and shopping thrift/vintage stores on the road, hemming, updating and fixing the clothes and photographing/listing for the shop. there's post offices all over the USA and sewing machines are extremely portable... the internet opens up so many new doors!
Thanks so much to Steffy for sharing her inspirations with us! I love that she said, "the internet opens up so many new doors". I think that is so true and if there were no internet I would never meet my lovely guest bloggers like Steffy! I decided to take my most favorite items from Steffy's shop and share with you an outfit I would put together! Not quite as inspirational as Steffy's stylings but I tried! :)

Thanks for stopping in! If you have yet to check out Steffy's blog and shop, I suggest you do! And I am over at Oh Renee Design as Blogger of the Week! So incredibly honored! I can't believe it! :)

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  1. What a lovely gal! All of these looks are very beautiful! I am excited to check out her blog because I just love seeing the ways people put vintage outfits together :) Exciting!


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