Friday, July 22, 2011

What Inspires You?: The Citybird's Nest

Hi All! Today we have the lovely CB of The Citybird's Nest. I'm so lucky to have this talented lady guest blogging here. She creates adorable art that you just want to hang in every room and the cutest jewelry that you could easily adorn yourself with every single day. I cannot wait to buy one of her necklaces that has been in my Etsy favorites for some time! Oh, and she is also a super cool biker chick...not the Harley kind but the road bike of your dreams kind! Here is CB with what inspires her:


 wearing one of my owldorable necklaces

hi everyone! i'm cb from the citybirds nest and a big thanks to lo for having me here in her sweet corner of the blogsphere! i hope she has a great adventure with her friends while camping, one of summers best and greatest activities!
as an artist so many things inspire me. i find it in the smallest things, in the people that i meet, thrifting, blogs & magazines i read, the city i live in and adventures the mister and i go on.
color is a huge part of my life. the world is not black and white, it is a full spectrum of vivid color and color combination just bursting right in front of us. i love trying out new color combination's and expressing them through my work. life without color is a life not truly explored.
recently the mister and i went bike camping to the redwood forest of california and the bright clover greens, the yellow of the rolling hills and the light blue of the sky were truly outstanding. that color combination mixed with the textures of the smooth creek rocks and the weathered wood stirred in me something that i had been thinking about for some time. it sparked all types of fun creations that i am just waiting to develop. 

one of the greatest thing about being an artist is the constant stream of inspiration that surrounds us on a daily basis.



What an inspirational post! I liked when talking about color CB said, "life without color is not truly explored". This is so incredibly true. We are really drawn to color on a regular day to day basis and sometimes our moods even respond to color. I hope that all of you check out her amazing shop (and blog of course!) Here are two items from her shop that I am in love with, just thought I would share with you:
Thanks so much for stopping in! I hope you enjoyed this week of inspiration! Talk to you soon about my little adventure! :)

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  1. great job guesting posting. I am thrilled that I own an orange crotchet bag of my very own from this little lady.


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