Friday, July 1, 2011

Red, White & Blue

I think I may have been preemptively been celebrating the long weekend yesterday. I promised to show off some of my great finds at the goodwill lately, and these shorts are seriously cool. I love pairing them with my danskos & tissue socks, a tucked in shirt and a favorite necklace.
top- RVCA
shorts- goodwill
shoes- danskos/etsy
socks- macy's
triangle necklace- my shop/Printed Peaks
fringe necklace- Noble Town Vintage/etsy

I'm definitely trying to take more pictures of my necklaces in outfit posts, but it's not that hard when I love them so much esp. paired with that awesome fringe necklace from Noble Town Vintage. I wore it to work yesterday and all the first graders were in aw of it and that I made it! 

***If you are a new reader, welcome welcome welcome! So glad to have you here!***

 This month is really exciting because I'm finally getting around to sponsor real estate on other amazing blogs...and a couple giveaways on my most favorite blogs too! So exciting..I will let you know more when the time comes! Thanks for stopping in and if I don't see you, happy long weekend!


  1. Aw you look so cute! I love, love, love your necklaces!

    Katie x

  2. the necklaces look perrrfect together! it's great to see one of your designs on you :)

  3. oh you look super cute!!! i love the combo of necklaces you are rockin'! i need to save my monies and get me one of your necklaces! if you sold out when i have the cash, would you make me one?


  4. of course cb! i'm thinking of having a July sale..I'm not sure yet though :)

    Thanks for the sweet comments ladies! :) -Lo

  5. goodness! i love love your shorts. i'm not sure what i love more though, the style or the price!

  6. This is the perfect summer outfit!

  7. Classic and cute!


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