Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"I'm Going to the Beach"

A video created by my sweet boy of him and our friends running to the dock in Maine. I love it!

While in Maine I saw this next video which totally hooked me and is my most favorite Foster the People song.

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  1. lo that video is awesome!! i love the song just so great! i love that you can hear the clinking of the tags that one dude is wearing! awesome!


  2. oh my gaaaa Lo, Johnny Knoxville eat your heart out! these boys have it ALL goin' on and then some!!!! the run through the camp grounds is EPIC. bahahahaha - made my night is what. best summer video of the year award?

    and FTP vid is uber cool too but def doesn't come close to touching your boyfs creation! thanks so much for coming to visit lades, most appreciated. ♥

  3. Awesome video! My boyfriend is from an island in Maine and he's going to get homesick after watching this video I swear!


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