Friday, July 29, 2011

"Amazing Things Will Happen"

Lately I've been working pretty hard at creating a blog life (and working hard in general) I think it is really important to recreate yourself through your blog as best as you can. My blog definitely has gone through some changes since I started but with anything change happens especially as you grow. I feel like I have grown within the almost 6 months (in August) since this blog has started. I think more and more the blog is starting to better represent me. What better way to really celebrate change than a new banner?! My sweet boy really helped me out one day and we really tried to get a picture for a new banner, isn't he nice? Here are some photos I liked but that didn't make the cut:

And here is the winner before I edited it!!
Here are some photos of the necklace I'm wearing in my banner. I made it for myself because I knew I would be sad when all my necklaces sold, but now I won't!

A big thank you to my pal CB for buying the Printed Peaks ombre Skye necklace! And to my best friend Laura from home for buying the dark stained chain fringe stark necklace! Check out the rest of the styles! I think you may find a favorite!

I've been working on so many things lately that I feel like I have a lot to tell you and here are a few:
I have ombre hair now! I did it myself and it is faint but I may take it up a notch very soon!
I am going to a wedding this weekend of a dear friend! 
I have been making labels for gift bags for another wedding (hand drawing/painting)
I have been making clothes!

I will have to give you more of the scoop next week!
Thanks for stopping in, I appreciate your company oh so much! 

If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” — Conan O’Brien


  1. Congrats on your new banner the other photos are super cute! Enjoy the wedding and good luck getting all your craft work done! Can't wait to see the clothes your making.

  2. this is so cute! i love that wall picture, it was in your video you posted :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. These pictures are so fun! :D

  4. i love that conan o'brien quote. he's so funny, and yet so wise!

    the new banner is fab - great pic of you!

  5. I love all the pictures but I think you choose well! I am super interested in the clothes you are making. Hope you show them!


  6. well HELLO swell new header that i absolutely love!!! amazing photo sesh assortment and you sure did pick a winner to stay on top. you are cute as can be Lo! can't wait for the post about your new color, adore the ombre look total. i'm going this weekend to get mine did, sure needs many greys it's unbearable.

    have a weekend full of wonderfuls, sounds like that won't be difficult with the fun stuff you've already got planned. cheers to that! ♥

  7. I LOVE the new banner- so, so cute!! And i'm very excited about all your new projects- woohoo! Have a great time at the wedding this weekend!


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