Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer of Vintage

I have a confession- 
I, Little Lo Hood of Little Somethings can not and will not get enough of Etsy vintage.

I decided that since much of my "relaxing" time is spent surfing the net and a majority of surfing the net time is spent on Etsy that I would do a little etsy summer vintage post. 

Outfit 1- Summer Wedding

Outfit 2- Summer Picnic by the Ocean

Outfit 3- Summer Interview

Outfit 4- Summer BBQ

Outfit 5- Summer Stroll in the Park w. Boyfriend & Dog

Outfit 6- Summer Breakfast & Shopping w. Friends

A lot of these items have been lingering in my favorites for some time and I would love to purchase each and every one of these beautiful pieces.

Here are a list of the wonderful shops included:

Please be sure to visit these amazing shops and get some awesome summer vintage! Thanks for stopping by! I hope I was able to inspire some of you to wear some vintage this summer! -Lo


  1. what an amazing blog! thanks for including us! now i might have to buy those danskos. :) tweet tweet!!!

  2. Ooooh so much prettiness! Love the polka dot dress and the yellow one and the blue bag and... :D That's why I don't surf Etsy, I would just buy everything!

  3. This is such a cute post! Great idea! There are some really great finds! Thanks for including me, that dress really would be perfect for a picnic!

  4. oh dear i love your taste too much! i want everything!! eek!!! those swedish hasbeen lookalikes are killer cool! why must i have no money!!!!!


    p.s. i really like the format that you chose to display each outfit, really cute and different then what others do...i like different!

  5. These are all lovely! That first dress is perfection. So sweet and summery!

    Katie x

  6. great collection! thanks so much for featuring my dress!

  7. hey all! thanks for your great comments! I really loved putting this together and it was a real honor. I ended up buying that polka dot dress (which I just got and love!, thanks Brynna!) and those danskos! I wish I could buy it all! I can't get enough and am planning a home edition soon! :) - Lo


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